Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans use powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to get an image of your organs. It is used for diagnosis and does not use radiation like X-ray and CT scanning.

Hitachi Airis II Open MRI

A Breakthrough In MRI Technology

  • Spacious Wide-Open Air Design reduces claustrophobia and patient anxiety for greater comfort
  • New concept magnet scanner completely open on all sides, which allows constant and direct access to the patient by both the technician and a family member
  • Advanced technology for superb image resolution and tissue contrast with a shorter scan duration
  • Extremely quiet – no noise feature with music availability
  • Designed for all patients up to 500 lbs., including children
  • Prompt 24-hour accurate reports
  • Operating field strength is 0.7T and magnetic field orientation is 43cm vertical height

MRIs Can Be Used For Diagnosis Of

Spine Diseases
Shoulder and Knee Injuries
Cardiac Malfunctions
Blood Flow
Brain Disorders
Tumor Detection
Liver or Bowel Disease

Contra Indications for MRI Exams: Aneurysm Clips, Neurostimulator, Cochlear Implants, Pacemakers, Pregnancy, Sharpnel, Heart Valve Implants, Metallic Fragments or Implants

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